Round 2 – Broadstreet…

Broadstreet RFC hosted the second round of the 2019 Greene King Super Sevens Series and it was clear that as the teams got to know each other, there were some very close matches and we were treated to some outstanding 7s rugby.

In the Women’s Series, Samurai RFC once again took the Cup with a convincing win 47 -7 over Scimitar Storm, whilst the Plate final saw guest side Ponty Butchers reverse the pool round loss against Ramblin Jesters to win 19 – 12.

In the men’s series guest side, Ponty Butchers stunned last round Cup winners Akuma Hurricanes with Hurricanes going down 19 -7, whilst after a disappointing showing at Bury St Edmunds, Ramblin Jesters came out to make a statement.

Speranza22 continued to make an impact on the series including coming from 22 -7 behind to Samurai to take their final pool game 26 – 22 leaving Samurai needing to rely on points difference to proceed to the quarterfinals.

Jesters and Speranza continue their march into the semi finals and were joined by Hurricanes and Samurai, following much stronger performances from both sides. The first round finalists fell in the semi finals with Samurai just getting the better of hurricanes 26 -21, while Jesters continued their march to the final beating Speranza 26 – 12, setting up the final between the pre series favourites Jesters and Samurai.

In the bowl final, guest side Shredded Ducks beat Guildford Bears 45 – 7, and in the Plate Final, Marlborough Compeed took the trophy with a convincing 40 – 7 win over Nigeria Exiles.

In the cup final, Ramblin Jesters continued with their free running style to take the trophy in style beating Samurai 31 – 10. The series now moves onto Newbury on the 15th June with Akuma Hurricanes leading the men’s series 2 points ahead of Ramblin Jesters and Samurai RFC leading the women’s series 8 points clear of Scimitar Storm. With two more rounds to come, it’s all to play for…


2019 Greene King IPA 7s – Round 2 Programme

Round two of this year’s Super Sevens Series – the Greene King IPA 7s at Broadstreet RFC – takes place on Saturday (18th May), with the action beginning at 10am.

Men’s Elite

Pool A: Akuma Hurricanes, Guildford Bears, Marlborough Compeed, Ponty Butchers

Pool B: Speranza 22, Samurai, Nigeria Exiles, Shredded Ducks

Pool C: British Army, Oxfam Crusaders, Stunts, BYE

Pool D: Apache, Ramblin Jesters, Student Select, BYE

Women’s Elite

Pool A: Samurai RFC, Scimitar Storm, Ramblin Jesters, British Army, Ponty Butchers

Pitch One

10am: Scimitar Storm v Ramblin Jesters (women’s elite)

10.20am: Guildford Bears v Marlborough Compeed

10.40am: Samurai v Nigeria Exiles

11am: Oxfam Crusaders v Stunts

11.20am: Ramblin Jesters v Student Select

11.40am: Scimitar Storm v British Army (women’s elite)

12pm: Akuma Hurricanes v Marlborough Compeed

12.20pm: Speranza 22 v Nigeria Exiles

12.40pm: British Army v Stunts

1pm: Apache v Student Select

1.20pm: Ramblin Jesters v Ponty Butchers (women’s elite)

1.40pm: Marlborough Compeed v Ponty Butchers

2pm: Nigeria Exiles v Shredded Ducks

2.20pm: British Army v Oxfam Crusaders

2.40pm: Apache v Ramblin Jesters

3.00pm: Samurai RFC v Ponty Butchers (women’s elite)

3.20pm: Men’s Elite Cup quarter final (pitch 1& 2)

3.40pm:Men’s Elite Cup quarter final (pitch 1& 2)

4.00pm: British Army v Samurai RFC (women’s elite)

4.20pm: Men’s Elite Bowl Final

4.40pm: Men’s Elite Plate semi-finals (pitches 1 and 2)

5pm: Men’s Elite Cup semi-finals (pitches 1 and 2)

5.20pm: Women’s Elite Plate

5.40pm: Men’s Bowl Final

5.40pm: Men’s Plate Final

6.00pm: Men’s Cup Final

6.45pm: Prize giving

Pitch two

10am: Ponty Butchers v British Army (women’s elite)

10.20am: Akuma Hurricanes v Ponty Butchers

10.40am: Speranza 22 v Shredded Ducks

11am: British Army v BYE

11.20am: Apache v BYE

11.40am: Samurai RFC v Ramblin Jesters (women’s elite)

12pm: Guildford Bears v Ponty Butchers

12.20pm: Samurai v Shredded Ducks

12.40pm: Oxfam Crusaders v BYE

1pm: Ramblin Jesters v BYE

1.20pm: Samurai RFC v Scimitar Storm (women’s elite)

1.40pm: Akuma Hurricanes v Guildford Bears

2pm:Speranza 22 v Samurai

2.20pm: Stunts v BYE

2.40pm: Student Select v BYE

3.00pm: Ramblin Jesters v British Army (women’s elite)

3.20pm: Men’s Elite Cup quarter final (pitch 1& 2)

3.40pm:Men’s Elite Cup quarter final (pitch 1& 2)

4.00pm: Scimitar Storm v Ponty Butchers (women’s elite)

4.20pm: Men’s Elite Bowl Final

4.40pm: Men’s Elite Plate semi-finals (pitches 1 and 2)

5pm: Men’s Elite Cup semi-finals (pitches 1 and 2)

5.20pm: Women’s Elite Plate

5.40pm: Men’s Bowl Final

5.40pm: Men’s Plate Final

6.00pm: Men’s Cup Final

6.45pm: Prize giving

Round 1…

Sunday 5th May saw the first round of the 2019 Super Sevens Series get underway, and the packed crowd at Bury St Edmunds where treated to a day of top class Elite Rugby 7s.

The day kicked off with the new Ladies Elite Series which proved to be extremely competitive with Samurai RFC winning the Cup and Ramblin Jesters taking the Plate.

The men’s Elite series welcomed some new sides this year as well as four guest sides including Leicester Tigers. The pool rounds were all fiercely contested and the quarter finals saw the surprise exit of pre-tournament favourites Samurai RFC and Ramblin Jesters.

The addition of the Bowl competition saw Stunts get the better of Nigeria Exiles before Guildford Bears overcame Student Select in the Plate Final.

Wins for Akuma Hurricanes over Apache and newcomers Speranza22 over the British Army in the semi-finals set up an intriguing final with Speranze22 having already defeated Akuma Hurricanes in their pool game earlier in the day.

Speranza22 got off to a flying start scoring two early tries but the experienced Akuma Hurricanes didn’t panic and turned the game around to take the final 26 -14.

The series now moves on to Broadstreet on the 18th May which promises to become even more competitive as the new comers continue to justify their place at the top table whilst others will need to raise their game in order to be in contention following the third round at Newbury RFC on the 15th June before the 2019 Series concludes at Ealing Trailfinders on Saturday 29th June.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Crackerjack clash in series opener

Gallagher Premiership side Leicester Tigers have been paired with the British Army in a mouthwatering group for the first leg of this year’s Super Sevens Series.

The sides will compete, alongside Apache and Nigeria Exiles, in Pool B of the Greene King IPA Sevens at Bury St Edmund’s on Sunday, May 5th.

Current series champions Samurai have been drawn in Pool A along with Guildford Bears, Oxfam Crusaders and the famous touring side Welsh Crawshays.

Pool C sees Ramblin Jesters, Stunts, Lomaviti and Samurai Academy do battle while Pool D consists of Akuma Hurricanes, England Students, Speranza22 and host guest club Bury St Edmund’s.

In the first-ever women’s elite event in the series, Ramblin Jesters, Scimitars, Samurai and Wymondham do battle.

The action at The Haberden begins at 10am with the first matches of the women’s competition.

Men’s Elite

Pool A: Samurai RFC, Guildford Bears, Oxfam Crusaders, Welsh Crawshays

Pool B: British Army, Apache, Nigeria Exiles, Leicester Tigers

Pool C: Ramblin Jesters, Stunts, Marlborough Compeed 7s, Samurai Academy

Pool D: Akuma Hurricanes, Students Select, Speranza22, Bury St Edmund’s

Women’s Elite

Pool A: Ramblin Jesters, Scimitar Storm, Samurai RFC, Wymondham